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Corporate Advisory and Governance

KD Legal’s corporate lawyers can assist your business in all facets of corporate advisory and governance. Find out more about services offered by our corporate lawyers Perth.

Corporate Governance

KD Legal has experience in corporate governance structures, identifying the rights, duties, liabilities, policies and practices of the people in your business.

Director Duties and Liabilities

KD Legal can assist company directors in understanding their duties and liabilities.

Enquire today for more information on director duties and liabilities.

Corporate Structuring

Careful planning of your corporate structure is essential, and we are experienced in this field.

KD Legal can also assist your business with satisfying shareholder demands and adhering to regulatory compliance, while reviewing your corporate structure.

Compliance with Corporations Act and ASX Listing Rules

It is our goal to ensure you understand your rights and responsibilities in all matters of corporate regulatory compliance.

Each entity admitted to the ASX is contractually bound to comply with the ASX Listing Rules, as enforced under the Corporations Act.

Contact us for assistance with corporate regulatory compliance and advice.

General Meetings of Listed Entities

KD Legal is experienced in assisting companies satisfy the Corporations law and ASX requirements for general meetings.

Related Party Issues

KD Legal also understands the associated risks involved with entering into transactions with a related party. Furthermore, KD Legal also understands how the interests of a related party may influence the decision-making of directors.

KD Legal’s knowledge of the Corporations Act¬†assists business entities in achieving regulatory compliance for related party transactions.

Remuneration and Trading Policies

KD Legal can also assist with setting out remuneration and trading policies, in accordance with regulatory compliance.

FIRB Compliance

KD Legal can assist your business in fulfilling Foreign Investment Review Board compliance.

Recent amendments to the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975 have resulted in the strengthening of laws around foreign investment.

As a result, the ATO use data matching systems to detect breaches of foreign investment rules. The ATO enforce strict penalties for investments that do not comply.

Mergers & Acquisitions Law

KD Legal has experience in mergers and acquisitions, both in the public and private sectors.

Building & Construction Law

Our lawyers can guide your business on matters and disputes arising from residential, commercial, industrial and also mining construction projects.

Corporate Lawyers Perth

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